Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Thai Massage....

If you are in relative good health and enjoy feeling the tension release out of a stretch, Thai Massage will stimulate your circulation!! Thai Massage is traditionally done on the floor....however, our office offers both table and floor methods for your preference.
THAI MASSAGE: An extraordinary method of aligning the energies of the body. There is extensive stretching and rotations done to the body. This treatment is not recommended for individuals with chronic joint, back or neck issues. Discuss with your practioner if this treatment is suitable for your condition.
Pretzel time!!! We'll twist and turn you like you have never done b4!!! But with a limber, light feeling afterward....this really is NOT torture!!! :)

Monday, February 27, 2006


Aromatherapy....you walk through gift shops, pharmacies and health food stores and you see it everywhere. The perfect remedy for ALL of your stress. It is a little more complicated than that!!! The quality of the oils is "essential" to there benefits. Generally, in order to ensure the quality of the oils, see they have their "LATIN" name clearly on the bottle AS WELL as "EOBBD" certification (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined). If the oils you are wanting to buy have these qualifications, they should be therapeutically safe. I will note, that essential oils DO have strong therapeutic effects...therefore MUST be administered under a Certified Aromatherapst's supervision. Of course, our office abides under these quidelines and qualifications.
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Those individuals that enjoy the scent of natural scented oils and relaxing massage, definitely love this type of bodywork. This therapy is not only relaxing, but is therapeutic in the light of Essential Oils (EOBBD Certified) and the Lymphatic Drainage it creates. The combination results in the recipient relaxed, balanced & comfortable.
Yet another tool we have in our tool box at Vital Balance Bodyworks!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


I suppose there are some who enjoy their feet touched, some who DESPISE it and others who simply do not know. That being said, there are few that, once they have gotten over the inital "feet" phenomona, haven't become Reflexology "LIFERS!!!" We abuse our feet all day long....from the very moment we step foot out of bed until the very moment we step foot back into bed, they are being used. Yes....you say, that is very nice........BUT what IS Reflexology???? Let me continue........
REFLEXOLOGY: A natural healing art, based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet and hands which correspond to every part of the body. Upon stimulation of these points, effective function of the body can take place once again with out working directly with the problem area on the body.
It is that simple...but it does feel extraodinarily good!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shiatsu....a wonderful "good hurt!!!"

Of all the therapies we offer, Shiatsu is our base. Please allow us to introduce you to a wonderful healing art that has been practised thousands of years.
SHIATSU THERAPY: An Ancient Chinese Therapy involving the use of “Acupressure Points” similar to that of “Acupuncture.” This treatment is simply done with finger pressure through loose & light fitting clothing. Shiatsu has proven to be effective in many common discomforts known to man, such as tension, stress, aches, pains, migraines….etc. Shiatsu uses meridian concepts (energy channels, yin yang) to clear energy from being blocked which is why there is pain and discomfort. Shiatsu is VITAL in the step to maintaining good health.
As a side note: Many people are scared and ask, "Will it hurt??" True, some areas that are blocked are uncomfortable to be worked on, but as the sessions continue and the imbalances are worked out, the pain decreases and if there still is, in fact pain....client's refer to it as a "good hurt." The relief from symptoms is significant enough that any discomfort usually is minor!!! :)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Welcome to our home....

Welcome to our office...we have just expanded!!! Doubled the size of our office. We hope you will enjoy. We now have adequate room for our Thai Massage which is traditionally done on the floor. Shiatsu is traditionally done on the floor as well....however, we have found with the wide variety of ages and health issues it is most convenient for clients to have access to the massage table. Our office is easily accessable....free parking (and lots of it), main level...NO STAIRS.
Our address is:
#1-111 1081 Central Ave. N
Hillside Plaza
Swift Current, Saskatchewan Canada S9H 4Z1
306 773 7888
(directly across from the Wheatland Mall)
We'll start introducing you to each therapy soon...stay posted!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The show has begun........

Welcome friends, clients and the curious!!!! This is our very first post but just wait there are many more to come!!! At Vital Balance Bodyworks we customize each and every appointment so that your needs are accomodated in entirety.....talk to you soon!!!