Monday, February 27, 2006

Aaahhh...Aromatherapy walk through gift shops, pharmacies and health food stores and you see it everywhere. The perfect remedy for ALL of your stress. It is a little more complicated than that!!! The quality of the oils is "essential" to there benefits. Generally, in order to ensure the quality of the oils, see they have their "LATIN" name clearly on the bottle AS WELL as "EOBBD" certification (Essential Oils Botanically and Biochemically Defined). If the oils you are wanting to buy have these qualifications, they should be therapeutically safe. I will note, that essential oils DO have strong therapeutic effects...therefore MUST be administered under a Certified Aromatherapst's supervision. Of course, our office abides under these quidelines and qualifications.
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE: Those individuals that enjoy the scent of natural scented oils and relaxing massage, definitely love this type of bodywork. This therapy is not only relaxing, but is therapeutic in the light of Essential Oils (EOBBD Certified) and the Lymphatic Drainage it creates. The combination results in the recipient relaxed, balanced & comfortable.
Yet another tool we have in our tool box at Vital Balance Bodyworks!!!

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