Saturday, February 25, 2006

Shiatsu....a wonderful "good hurt!!!"

Of all the therapies we offer, Shiatsu is our base. Please allow us to introduce you to a wonderful healing art that has been practised thousands of years.
SHIATSU THERAPY: An Ancient Chinese Therapy involving the use of “Acupressure Points” similar to that of “Acupuncture.” This treatment is simply done with finger pressure through loose & light fitting clothing. Shiatsu has proven to be effective in many common discomforts known to man, such as tension, stress, aches, pains, migraines….etc. Shiatsu uses meridian concepts (energy channels, yin yang) to clear energy from being blocked which is why there is pain and discomfort. Shiatsu is VITAL in the step to maintaining good health.
As a side note: Many people are scared and ask, "Will it hurt??" True, some areas that are blocked are uncomfortable to be worked on, but as the sessions continue and the imbalances are worked out, the pain decreases and if there still is, in fact pain....client's refer to it as a "good hurt." The relief from symptoms is significant enough that any discomfort usually is minor!!! :)

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