Thursday, March 30, 2006

Behold wonder!!

"Let choice
whisper in
your ear and love
in your heart.
Be ready.
Here comes life."
-Maya Angelou

It has truly been a life changing experience to observe and care for a child each and every day. A child that is our own and clearly without a doubt our responsibilty. Perhaps the most wonderful observation by far is their innate wisdom. Their instincts. Their minute fascinations. This truly is a gift from our creator. To be able to zone back to our childhood wisdom....the love, the reliance, the softness. All the characteristics that life seems to embrace the world within the eyes of a child is by far the best reward.
I love you, my little Haden....

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Fishy Chi???

Fish have always been a fascination to me. I certainly do not care for their particular "scent" but do in fact enjoy their movement. Fish swim like energy moves. Ancient Feng Shui principles encourage fish to be a part of your living space. I had the privilage of being in a HUGE aquarium recently and once again indulged in their natural "swishing motion!!!"
Well that was a fishy topic.....

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Take time to enjoy the sunset....

You know, it's kind of strange....we went on vacation to the Bahamas and my husband and I couldn't help but notice how quickly the sun disappeared over the horizon!!! Here in Canada it seems to take longer. I guess it got me wondering how much I take the sunrise and sunset for granted. It truly is a serene process. It has a natural way of uplifting you up or winding you down. Our lives are so busy that it seems they don't allow us to even take a breath and enjoy the gifts that our Creator has granted us!!! Our bodies will thank us when we just relax every now and again!!!
Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quantum Touch ®

WARNING: Definitely not your "traditional" healing modality. Just the same, a very nice therapy to do and receive. As with any energy work, the different areas become hot or cold, depending on the condition and the client. QT can help with gentle shifting, allowing a balanced outcome....mind and body!!!
Quantum Touch ®: "In principal the Quantum-Touch practitioner learns to focus and amplify life-force energy, which is most often referred to as "Chi" or "Prana". This is accomplished by combining various breathing and body awareness exercises. When the practitioner holds a high vibrational field of life-force energy around an affected area, through a process of resonance and entrainment, the client naturally matches the vibration of the practitioner, allowing one's own biological intelligence to do whatever healing it deems necessary. "
To be honest, at first I thought this was yet another money grab..."cure all"...etc., etc. QT has earned my respect. It focuses in on the life force surrounding us and allows us to channel with the help of the universe instead of taking everything on our own (which eventually leads to BURN out).
sorry, no pic today...comp. is having issues (no alternative healthcare for machines:(

Monday, March 06, 2006 hurts so good!!

I seriously can still remember thinking my fitness teacher was a drill sergeant and that she liked to see us in extreme pain. It is when I'm much older and perhaps a wee bit wiser I realize she was setting the foundation for something I have learned to never leave out in my daily regime. Stretching has helped with so many different things....most importantly JUST more flexibility. Morning is WAY better when you can move. I have had a significant amount of horse, snowboarding, bike...etc. Injuries that could and will haunt me if I don't keep that scar tissue limber!!! So in short, part of a round approach in well being is to do your home work, stretch!!!! Regularly stretching will optimize your results with our therapies. Good luck and don't hurt yourself. Keep within your boundaries. Stretch until you feel a gentle pull...hold for 5-10 seconds then release. This is the safest way to create a nice stretch.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


If you already have visited our office you'll be no stranger to us encouraging LOTS of water. This is very important after our therapies to ensure you do not get stiff. The various treatments release toxins into the blood stream and need to be eliminated with proper amounts of fluids...most effectively water!!! Caffeine would definitely not be a good choice of "fluid!!!"
Some of you that have a lot of trouble getting water down are encouraged to drink it at room temperature. This ensures better absorption.
Drink, drink, drink H20!!!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Emotional Freedom Technique

Does fear rule your life...the thought of a spider or mouse scurrying before you elevates your BP??? Fear is instilled in our lives at a very young age. When we grow older and it controls our lives is when it becomes a burden to our well being. EFT is a painless procedure to help eliminate the intensity of ANY emotion. The result is EMOTIONAL FREEDOM, which is priceless!!!

EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE: EFT is based on the discovery that imbalances in the body's
energy system have profound effects on one's personal psychology. Correcting these imbalances, which is done by tapping on certain body locations, quite often leads to rapid remedies.
"The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system."
Various conditions that we have seen relief from are:
  • fear of water
  • confidence issues
  • problems with quitting smoking
  • abuse (emotional/physical)
  • spiders
  • craving for chocolate
  • fear of hospitals
  • fear of confinement
  • fear of heights

And basically any other fear or emotion imaginable....we'll try it!!! What do you have to lose???