Monday, March 06, 2006 hurts so good!!

I seriously can still remember thinking my fitness teacher was a drill sergeant and that she liked to see us in extreme pain. It is when I'm much older and perhaps a wee bit wiser I realize she was setting the foundation for something I have learned to never leave out in my daily regime. Stretching has helped with so many different things....most importantly JUST more flexibility. Morning is WAY better when you can move. I have had a significant amount of horse, snowboarding, bike...etc. Injuries that could and will haunt me if I don't keep that scar tissue limber!!! So in short, part of a round approach in well being is to do your home work, stretch!!!! Regularly stretching will optimize your results with our therapies. Good luck and don't hurt yourself. Keep within your boundaries. Stretch until you feel a gentle pull...hold for 5-10 seconds then release. This is the safest way to create a nice stretch.

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