Monday, April 10, 2006

Go through the doorway.....

I am always inspired by our clients to take on new challenges. I see their faith in our knowledge and feel within my own heart that I must remain a solid, safe example to follow. Now in ANY type of rounded approach to healing there is not just ONE segment. We like to encourage the following:
  • lifestyle change
  • keeping stress within its functional boundaries
  • dietary change
  • maintenance program (this is where we definately come in :)
  • POSITIVE THINKING (very important....our minds are VERY powerful)
  • remember to welcome change and to realize it is part of the journey
  • try to smile when there are lots of frowns....this in itself is a single well thing with RICH reward!!!!

Among other little things...which over time you will become aquaintenced with.

Now I admit I certainly haven't been feeling up to "par" lately. However, when I do a little rerun of the past couple of has been CRAZY. We, including myself, need to take it easy. We need to set reasonable goals and boundaries so we can keep our lives in perspective.

We cannot remedy anyone else until we have remedied ourselves first!!!

When we have found peace with our health...physically, emotionally and spiritually...there is blessing and enough to share. The universe is most certainly a miracle!!! Experience life....don't let it dissappear and wonder where it went.


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