Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tea hee??

Perhaps I find nothing more nurturing than a hot cup of herbal tea. What is Flora's motto??? For every disease we know, God allows a herb to grow...something like that. Why is it too, that for every disease it seems the opposite has created a drug. I suppose to some there is a time and place.....fair enough. I just wish so badly that we could take care of ourselves enough that when we do feel a little run down we could rely on natural remedy our bodies don't reject...Our feeble little society has not come to this yet. However, we look to Europe and see their health revolution...Certified Aromatherapists within their healthcare system!!! (I'm sure they have there own problems but I shall focus on the positive they have created). What an incredible goal for our beautiful country Canada to focus on.
Well, sit down...put your feet up and enjoy your cup of tea!!!!
ps. I have especially been enjoying a Bronchial tea my mother has given to me. thx Mom your a dear!!!! It has hollyhock flowers, coltsfoot leaf, licorice root, high mallow flowers, fennel seed, plantain leaf, primrose herb, and calendula flowers in it....YUM!!!!

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