Sunday, May 14, 2006

As promised....

Here is the twist to the BLOG. There were so many neat pics to choose from. As well, I didn't want to alarm anyone with "phobias" with some of the animals. Hopefully these are all safe!! If not you need to see us about EFT!!!
That peacock was HILARIOUS...they are such a VAIN animal. He did deserve attention, you can see by his splendour of color!!!
The giraffe....they were soooo content to just munch in front of anyone. They have a beautiful new home now. Much more spacious than the previous one...and they really do seem more content. But really, what do I know about a giraffe's contentment level????
The tigress...she was definately bored or something. Probably couldn't have paid me to go in there at that point. Mind you sometimes ALL of us humans get restless at times?!?!?
I guess these were not put in order to the photos I took....we'll assume you know the difference between the animals!?!?
That's all folks...

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