Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A change?!?!

I guess there are a few more products we could introduce from Awareness, but I'm sensing that this is getting a little dry. I'll mix in something a little more interesting...and come back to the Awareness when the time is right!!!

We are pleased to announce we will be hosting a Quantum Touch ® Video Workshop!!!
Here are the details:
Quantum Touch ® Video Workshop
June 10 9am-5pm & June 11 1pm-6pm
Course Costs are as follows:
$125 Course itself (including lunch and beverages)
$35 Text Fee (which can be purchased before hand)
Please also note that a Certificate is issued upon completion.
Spacing is limited so please register as soon as possible to avoid dissapointment. Everyone is welcome, no previous experience in energy work required!!
On a personal note, we hung out in Calgary, Alberta the past week and checked out the zoo. Sometimes I have reserves about the animals being caged up...but I learnt something about them...they don't take perfectly healthy, wild animals and cage them. They take injured or nuisance animals and provide a home for them. AND it seems like every animal that came under my critical eye seemed very content and healthy. So I guess by paying my 15.00 admission fee I AM supporting a good cause and not neccessarily cruelty to animals. Now if we talk about animals in the BP MIGHT rise!!! I took the picture of the orchid in the Rain Forest section of the zoo. The plants are absolutely breathtaking!!! I'll maybe post some neat animal shots tomorrow for a fun "twist" to the BLOG!!! Have a great day!!

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