Monday, June 05, 2006

After all we ARE about Alternative therapy!!

Although I no doubt believe we will have a few disagree...especially if they happen to be CAN be a therapy. In fact it was, for my business partner/mother this past weekend. We ended up in southern Alberta for a girlfriend of mine's wedding. Lethbridge doesn't have that bad of shopping at all considering it's kind of off
(the english language is weird!!!) the beaten trail!!! Once your inside out of the exhausting wind.
No really, therapy is ANYTHING that can take our minds off the stressers of this tiring world. Fishing, cycling, reading whatever....this time it was shopping...nothing like a pair of new shoes to make you feel soooooo good!!! So inconclusion, yes, whatever makes you feel balance & moderation (that was quite a broad permissal..eeeeek)

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