Friday, July 21, 2006

This is a "FISHY" story....

This is true and erased every ounce of doubt I had and made me realize we really need to trust our processes. In my own little world we have "NEMOS." Our son, Haden has pet fish. I hastily returned from vacation and dumped the fish bowl and left very little of their precious pond cycle in their container. Thus not long after reunited them to their bowl they became belly uppers and I felt I had most certainly killed them. This is when my collection of education that I have somehow seemed to grasp pieces of here and there....popped into mind. I WILL RUN ENERGY INTO THE WATER AND PERHAPS THE FISH WILL RECOVER!!!! (it might be worthwhile mentioning my sister n'law actually mistakened them for being dead). Voila...after 5 or 6 sessions, and incredible bubbles coming to the surface of the bowl, both fish seemed to come back to life. Sadly one passed on, the other however is doing phenomenal. Perhaps I could have done more QT and saved the other one...but really, it isn't about is about that fish's had come to a close....had I helped it???? Maybe, maybe not.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Words to live by...

This thought has been one of the most encouraging for myself:
"An experience really isn't over until we can be thankful for it."
This is so true. We have not learnt the lesson until we are greatful for the experience. There are so many things that consume our lives, we hardly know where to turn. But having the faith to keep going ALWAYS leads to the solution and furthermore greatfulness within our heart and soul.....and I have personally experienced this time and time again.
Be patient there is a plan....if only we can be willing for it!!!!