Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Words to live by...

This thought has been one of the most encouraging for myself:
"An experience really isn't over until we can be thankful for it."
This is so true. We have not learnt the lesson until we are greatful for the experience. There are so many things that consume our lives, we hardly know where to turn. But having the faith to keep going ALWAYS leads to the solution and furthermore greatfulness within our heart and soul.....and I have personally experienced this time and time again.
Be patient there is a plan....if only we can be willing for it!!!!


Jen said...

Soo true..sounds like a message from Greenshields!! I got your message and We are planning to be at the landing for the long weekend maybe we'll see you then. Try me again when you have some free time. We will be at aylsbury for the weekend maybe see you there!!

vital balance bodyworks said...

Hi Jen, thx for your comment. Yes it hi home from good old Greenshields. Seen your lovely nephew, Ceenan (sp). HE IS HUGE!!!!
Luv Jenny