Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A little nature walk...

Today Haden and I were rummaging through our garden and I went to open a husk of corn and invaded these little ladies' home:( All cozied up to one another.... is this a sign winter is here sooner than later???.....aaahhh the wonderful symptoms that come with season change...
A few ways to season change gracefully:
  • keep exercising...good circulation encourages stimulation to the brain to prevent depression!!
  • keep fluid intakes up...you become dehydrated and you ceaze (sp) up.
  • keep positive thoughts alive (every season this is helpful)
  • when the fresh fruits and veggies aren't readily available in the supermarkets supplement your diet with a "GOOD" multi-vitamin (for more information contact us (306)773-7888 or your Naturopath/Nutritionist).

Good luck with that and we at Vital Balance Bodyworks wish you a healthy and happy fall season!!!


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