Friday, October 27, 2006


Women (men generally have no problem) are infamous for holding their bladders. Some more than others. HOWEVER in the past bit I have really noticed a consistant Bladder/Kidney issue in the office. Can be partially the season change and humidity BUT I have a strong suspicion it is probably this:
HOLDING THE BLADDER....the "feeling" is transferred to the brain, if you don't act on it, the bladder remains full, with the kidneys still doing their job and the signal has been ignored...Even though the signal "thinks" it's job is completed. HOWEVER the bladder becomes VERY stressed (not to mention overflowed) as well as the Kidneys because of the back log. And then, everything else is effected b/c of the toxicity.....MY POINT!?!?!?!
IF YOU HAVE TO GO......GO, everyone understands, trust me!!!!

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