Monday, October 16, 2006

Your Therapists's Auras

It's not too often you have the privilage of seeing an image of your Therapist's Aura. What are they really like!?!? Well both Glenda and myself came back with very "balanced" reports....weird healing gifts came up on both of out reports, the guy that performed our session was curious why we were so balanced, we gave him our card, hee hee. It just proves once again the miracle of universal energy working in harmony!!! :) We apologize about the quality of the images. There expertise is not quite in photography. But really this wasn't our intention of recieving a lovely self-portrait:) In this prospective anyway.
Bart has a website about some of the Aura readings.
Check it out:
I'll mention as well that not only do you recieve this image when you have this done, you actually have an entire image of ALL of your chakras, full body. Didn't scan those ones. This will give you an idea.
It's a good assesment tool to guage where you are at. Like anything, you take what you want out of it, some things you leave. For us, a lot of it was things we already knew...thanks be to Quantum Touch® and other energy therapies we have the privialge of working with!!! may have guessed this is what we came across at the Health Expo. I also got my hands on some very nice SAGE. Definately an enjoyable herb.
Will post another time some of the other "things" we be continued some other time......
ta da...jh

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