Thursday, November 23, 2006

Buyer Beware!!!

Thank you to a very special, knowledgeable client who has assisted me with the facts regarding aluminum in our food. Take time to read this. You might find it interesting. Is our convenience foods really harming us??? Quite possibly!!!

Anticaking agent
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Anticaking agents are used in such things as table salt to keep the product from forming lumps, making it better for packaging, transport and for the consumer. Anticaking agent in salt is denoted in the ingredients as anti-caking agent (554), that is, sodium aluminosilicate, a man-made product. This product is present in nearly all commercial table salts as well as dried milks, egg mixes, sugar products, and flours.
As a salt of aluminium, the potential for this compound to cause health problems should be noted. Aluminium is known to cause placentel problems in pregnancy and has been linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and bone loss.
More examples of anti-caking agents are calcium silicate, dimethyl polysiloxane, and sodium bicarbonate.
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I'll post more....this topic interests me!!!

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