Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hope for the big "C."

-Hanna Kroeger 1915-1998

As quoted from Hanna Kroeger's book "Free Your Body of TUMOURS and CYSTS.

"The word "cancer" has such a terrible sound. It is a death sentence in six letters. It is an end of all your dreams. It ruins your family. It ruins springtime and the fall. You can't see the beauty of the flowers any longer, nor the sky with the sailing clouds. The helping hand you push away, because you gave in to six small letters...cancer. The c is twice in this word just to make it sharp and pointed, irritating and hurting. With it's hooks it penetrates your mind, and like a fish hook in your flesh, this hook cannot be pulled out of your mind easily. "......"should be used to hearing the word cancer without fear.....fear syndrome is paralyzing to our inborn defense mechanism. We just give in.........If this happens to you, turn around and uplift your life. Go to the dress shop and spend some money on a pink or rose colored dress and get fitted for some high heeled shoes. Know you can overcome your fear and resentment syndrome......Take a mild, herbal sleeping pill until you are over the first shock. Then start creating your life all over again, new and beautiful....."

Now, that being said. Let us share one of the most inspirational stories we have faced in our office.

*please note we have been graciously granted privialges to share this story for the mere hope of encouraging or possibly helping someone in a similar situation.

Our client had been treated for cancer in Ireland. Upon return home to Canada she was admitted once again to the hospital for extensive surgery. A call was made to our office pleading for reflexology to be done on location. Glenda agreed to making many hospital visits. Through perseverence on all support levels, this woman has fought for her survival. Her reception to energy was so perfect that every treatment was very progressive. Needless to say she has had the privilage of going home and making it in for her first official in-office session. We do not know what the universe has in store, but there is always hope where there is life and positive attitudes.

If you know of someone dealing with cancer or seemingly hopeless disease bring to awareness the incredible power of the human body to heal itself under the right circumstances. If there IS illness there perhaps has not been the right circumstances. There are many wonderful alternatives to research that can encourage healing and restore wellness.

Let us know if we can be of assistance!!!:)

jh and ga

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