Tuesday, November 14, 2006


the "intimidating" packages....
Ladies, (and gentleman, we promise) we don't intend to make our BLOG a discussion about our "monthly's"....BUT 50% of us in the right age bracket have it as humans. Furthermore it is an inconvenience to most of us!!! All the parafonilia we have to pack to go on holidays....and even JUST in our purse. This "ITEM" makes life a whole lot simpler and let's face it.....IT SAVES our environment. Yippee!!! Do check out this link. There is every question you could possibly think about on here.
And you guessed it, Vital Balance is able to get them cheaper!!! Let us know if you would like one at your next session.
Enjoy your freedom ladies. And thank you dear Gentleman for ignoring this post or passing it on to those important "DIVAS" in your life!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very, Very, Very Interesting!!!
Would be interested if you have tried this. Does this actually work?