Friday, December 08, 2006

Pride in our clientele....

this photo is part of His line and in fact his sister, Larissa did the photography...(so of course the copyright is Larissa Strobel's)
I know this is seemingly an odd post. But as therapists we go through the up and downs of each clients' life. For this we are honored. As well, when our clients rejoice, we too rejoice. Thus, I must share one of our clients' son's business endeavours. WOW!!! Her whole family is FULL of talent. From very skilled photographers to teachers, to fashion design. Do check out this link:

They have been published in the Globe and Mail (this weekend I believe), honorable mention at the Globes.....and even an article in Flare!!!

This woman is truly PROUD of her family and her countenence well proves it!!!


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