Thursday, January 25, 2007


The other day I went in to the BEST LAB in town, where I have my printing done. I used to work for the original owner (Pam) when I was in school. It now has changed hands and the owners' husband hasn't gotten entirely acquanted with all of the regulars....although he is working on it!!! So he asks me, "So you do your photography as a hobby.....what else do you do??" So I proceed to tell him I do bodywork. It might be worthwile to mention he is a car maniac. He does a once over....and in disbelief..."BODYWORK!?!?!?" I guess I had to explain to him in the massage world, bodywork means hands on HUMAN body's not CARS. I got out to my car and BURST out laughing.
Was a good laugh for the day~~~

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Regina EcoLiving

Awhile back I found a neat publication. It is thoughts, tips, suggestions, articles ....etc on many different aspects of conservation. Good for ANYONE to read, as I prepare to hop in my BIG 4 door Impala by myself, and drive to work...I am guilty myself. However, after reading this book we can no longer plead "IGNORANCE IS BLISS." We really should try and make a difference if we can. Sure one of us seems like nothing.....if even 1000, one of us's tried these things we WOULD make a HUGE difference. Regina EcoLiving is making a difference. I'm anxious to learn more!!! :)
ps. the books are only $10 plus shipping. Let one of our Therapist's know if you want us to hook you up!!! :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Better vision is more than 20/20

*as exerpt from Martin Sussman's book "The Program for Better Vision."
"The eyes do not exist in isolation. They are an integral part of your total being affected by-and affecting-the body, mind and emotions in a profound way.
All parts of the visual system-the eyes, the muscles around and in the eyes, the nerve pathways to the brain and the visual centers of the brain-are very delicate and require a high degree of precision, coordination and flexibility to perfom optimally. Since it is such a delicate system it is very sensitive to stress, tension and fatigue of any kind, whether it's physical, emotional or mental. The visual system is also very sensitive to any nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that might be present in the body.
a holistic model of Better Vision includes these three components:
1. Physical eyesight
2. Inner vision (imagination, visualization, memory, dreams and attitudes)
3. Emotional seeing (expression of how we feel and a way to connect to other people..."Eyes are the window to the soul).
Vision problems often appear when there is both prolonged stress in the visual system and improper visual/muscular habit patterns.
Glasses and contacts treat the symptoms of poor vision very effectively. But glasses/contacts do not address the underlying factors that produced the vision problem."
There is an incredible amount of SOLID facts and research performed by the Cambridge Institute for Better Vision found in this book and the program that is available. See the above link for details!!!!
Having been plagued with so-called poor vision since the age of 2 I had once thought I would permanently have a weakness there. I soon discovered in the training and holistic approach we have maintained, that our body has the power to heal itself under the right conditions.....this of course would include our vision. When I was given this website I decided there was certainly nothing to lose. I'm just starting the program. I will keep you all posted with my progress!!!
Wish me luck:)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

knowledge is contagious. infect truth.