Thursday, January 25, 2007


The other day I went in to the BEST LAB in town, where I have my printing done. I used to work for the original owner (Pam) when I was in school. It now has changed hands and the owners' husband hasn't gotten entirely acquanted with all of the regulars....although he is working on it!!! So he asks me, "So you do your photography as a hobby.....what else do you do??" So I proceed to tell him I do bodywork. It might be worthwile to mention he is a car maniac. He does a once over....and in disbelief..."BODYWORK!?!?!?" I guess I had to explain to him in the massage world, bodywork means hands on HUMAN body's not CARS. I got out to my car and BURST out laughing.
Was a good laugh for the day~~~

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Anonymous said...

Thats pretty funny! hahahhaa