Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Regina EcoLiving

Awhile back I found a neat publication. It is thoughts, tips, suggestions, articles ....etc on many different aspects of conservation. Good for ANYONE to read, as I prepare to hop in my BIG 4 door Impala by myself, and drive to work...I am guilty myself. However, after reading this book we can no longer plead "IGNORANCE IS BLISS." We really should try and make a difference if we can. Sure one of us seems like nothing.....if even 1000, one of us's tried these things we WOULD make a HUGE difference. Regina EcoLiving is making a difference. I'm anxious to learn more!!! :)
ps. the books are only $10 plus shipping. Let one of our Therapist's know if you want us to hook you up!!! :)

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