Tuesday, March 20, 2007

u-nique: adjective
radically distinctive and without equal

having come home from a refreshing vacation I have embraced the oppurtunity to ponder "uniqueness." in a world that is so "cookie cutter" rounded, isn't it incredible to use our own hearts, our own intuition and our own conscience????? we are a mammal with a nature.....leaders of the pack, followers.....status and symbols. in a society searching for acceptance by their peers...when in short those most accepted are those who accept themselves FIRST!!!!! sooooooo.....go ahead, be adventurous, spontaneous and perhaps even a liTlE bit "unpredictable" and think for yourself.....don't be fed by the manipulative media>>> research your OWN findings....develop your own truths and tune yourselves into the divine.... reward is near.

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