Wednesday, March 25, 2009

money with legs:(

yikes, we have always based our office on trust, love and a safe place. when someone invades your space and steals money, it rattles your confidence in humanity and the strong cords of trust that bind community. that being said...onward....

to you thief(s),
we hope through this experience you will come full circle to a deeper inderstanding of yourself and gain a deeper sense of self respect, that you in fact could have easily made the money yourself instead of stealing from your kin folk. and heh, i guess if you don't really care....i suppose that karma will come back at you too, and eventually the universe takes care of these things.

thank you to the many people we do business with that maintain such a wonderful relationship, kudos to you!!!
glenda, jennifer & kerri
vital balance bodyworks
ps if for some reason the person that dealt the crime is reading this, feel free to keep the cash but please return the other things, just set them outside our door and we'll leave it at that.

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