Tuesday, December 15, 2009

vbb will be hosting "girls on the move"

painted heart on rock / Ron Levine / Getty Images
we are honored to take part in a great community program called "girls on the move," this evening. am looking forward to meeting these fine young ladies!
On The Move is a program whose goal is to empower youth 10-15 through various sport clinics, craft projects, games, and educational experiences.

Monday, December 14, 2009

hungry for change

our community is gradually digging back to their roots, the home made goods, gardens grown, fresh milled grains, home grown livestock.....lets continue and shed some light on the blissfully ignorant. our ancestors really did take the time to prepare a meal, to taste their meals, and took the time to grow them, because for one they had to, but for two they didn't know of any other way:) our fast food, convenient diets are taking their toll on our health and our happiness. slow down, take the time and you might just love the result. good luck!!!

if any of you are aware of a canadian version of this do tell!! ")

Friday, December 11, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

earth element:yellow

the earth element consists of the following organs:
yin organ} spleen
yang organ} stomach
foods that build this element: millet, beef, dates, holyhock and "sweet" tasting foods
AVOID: sweet & (sour)
and excess sitting
{saliva, hiccups, thinking, singing, humidity}

happy has arrived!

vital balance is DELIGHTED to announce the arrival of our shipment of hand felted bags from nepal. there design and colors can be described in no better way than purely HAPPY!!! come and check them up!!
PLEASE note: don't forget about tonite>>>>our open house from 6-9. hope to see you there. all are welcome.
call for further details if needed 306.773.7888

Sunday, December 06, 2009

client appreciation night

we at vital balance count it a privilage to serve YOU over the past eight years.
your loyalty does not go unnoticed.
we are continually inspired by the inner strength and amazing charisma our clients posess.
in appreication we would like to extend an open house to first our clients, but also to the general public that just want to get a feel for our space, before commiting to a treatment. we'll have delicious goodies...by "sumthin good" and of course warm, lovely chats with our friendly staff.
thurs, dec 10/09 6-9 pm