Thursday, March 18, 2010

dr. mist + vital balance bodyworks

i'm not sure about you, but i have been on the looooooong drawn out highway of deodorants. not that i have an overwhelming body odor i can't beat. it is simple, i choose not to use conventional anti-perspirants that cause oh such a long list of ailments......lymphatic blockage, breast cancer, memory loss, tumours.....etc. and there is enough research out there to MAKE me very diligent of what i apply under my arm! low and behold after years of experimentation i have found something that actually works. the perfect blend. so many times i would buy a wonderful new natural deodorant to be dissapointed that after 2 hrs i'm doing sniff tests and realizing indeed, we need to reapply. not this stuff, all day does it, without the side effects.
kudos to dr. mist
we have it available at vital balance.

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