Tuesday, July 27, 2010

THE water bottle

for those of you with picky taste buds, i found these glass water bottles that make drinking water oh so "luxurious." kerplunk klear

Thursday, July 22, 2010

updated price list

please be aware as of july 1st. 2010 these prices are in effect

life on edit

as hawksley workman has inspired me to write. this artist pumps out albums sometimes on a weekly basis.....opposed to most artists on a yearly basis. what is his secret? staying in the honeymoon phase....not OVER editting. my connection? is all of the analysing and editting in our lives neccessary? NO!! be intuitive. be real. this is where we are most useful and free.

Friday, July 09, 2010


many clients ask us; what can we do better? why am i not well? can you fix me in my hour session?
health is not something that is just met in an instance. often times ill health occurs over many years. and thus healing is not over night either. the key in healing is digging deeper, who are we? what is creating my issues? how are my stress levels? am i feeding myself healthy, nourishing food? do i MOVE?? how many meds am i plugging into my system without learning more about them, including side effects?
vital balance's defintion of healthy living is this:
eat well. live well. be well. limit our stress. exercise regularily (doing something you enjoy, so there is more motivation to continue). think positively. be kind. expand our auras and feel others gentley touch ours. live in balance. enjoy nature and its helpful lessons. drink water. be open to new ideas/concepts. embrace life. enjoy the moments in life that cultivate richness of soul.