Thursday, February 17, 2011


a recent magazine article put a definition on my decorating style......doesn't categorization justify our motives...somehow? sometimes?
anyway, basically this style finds beauty and peace in ordinary things. i have always been happy to camp at our local park, to pedal down a small town trail, to sport a bright red vintage suitcase i picked up for a dollar, to be absolutely ecstatic about a yellow vintage lamp i picked up for a bargain, to genuinely appreciate a small little plant given, to decorate based on feeling of home and not to be tempted to simply sway with trends. indeed sometimes they do coincide, but if they do, make sure your heart brought you there.
as stated by robyn griggs lawrence:
12 ways to wabi-sabi
1. cultivate slowness
2. cultivate vision
3. cultivate craft
4. cultivate cleanliness
5. cultivate solitude
6. cultivate space
7. cultivate silence
8. cultivate sabi (beauty that comes with age)
9. cultivate soul
10. cultivate imperfection (MY FAVORITE....entirely changes perspective:)
11. cultivate hospitality
12. cultivate simplicity

i love love love this concept. i hope it can be of inspiration to you as well:)

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Anonymous said...

i guess cultivate slowness is a must these days!!!