Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Knowledge is power my friends........

Mercola Natural Health Site

many of you will know that we at vital balance like to have a pretty solid reason to do what we do when it comes to our health. when we are suggested something in regards to our health; we for one like to have a solid intuitive sense that it is in fact where our bodies are leading us & two, it is actually safe and all info is on the table...side effects and all.

please, we cannot caution you enough to be well informed of all that you are taking and its side effects. we as individuals are the only people that have our health as uttermost priority. and ultimately we are the only ones that have full control of our health...not neccessarily our therapists or dr's. take responsibility for your own well being! accept & bless the guidance and direction of the professionals in this journey for what it is.

we wish you all the best!

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