Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Vital Balance Therapy Sessions: what to expect

The question we often are asked is what to expect when you come to our office.  We offer various therapies that upon request can also be done alone.  However you will find we have incorporated many elements of our training into our sessions and customize each to the client's specific needs that day.  Once you have entered our healing space, we take a moment to listen to your concerns, document the required information and then proceed with the session itself, which generally takes an hour (upon first visit).  We administer the session through your clothing, with the only article of clothing we require to be removed is your socks, so we can work your feet which we apply therapeutic grade oils.  We assess basic alignment issues initially, then we proceed to the table where we begin the session.  Based on your history and where the Therapist is intuitively guided to begin; we do Reflexology on the feet to give us a bit of a blueprint where there are inconsistencies in the body's reflexes.  We incorporate the use of Essential Oils at this time.  Then we proceed with Shiatsu among other energy healing techniques to correct disturbances in the body which reflects as pain/discomfort.  The treatment includes the whole body.  Upon completion of the session the client can feel various responses: some will be fatigued, some will be energized.  Either is normal, however rest and hydration are encouraged following a session.  The body continues to rebalance and correct itself for 24 hrs. post session.  Our sessions are holistic, with the recipient feeling balanced emotionally and physically following.  The frequency of your sessions depends on the duration of your complaint.  As a general rule for preventative care clients try to come every month.  For a recurring chronic condition once a week is suggested.  For labor/emotionally intense occupations once every two weeks works nicely.
Thank you for dropping by our site.  If you have any further questions please contact us: 306.773.7888 or by email: shiatsu_sk@yahoo.ca or firmthumbsshiatsu@yahoo.ca