"Because of the physical labor I have done all my life, I suffer with back, neck, shoulder and arm pain.  Vital Balance is part of my regular program to keep me healthy and able to do the things I enjoy.  I look forward to my 2 treatments a month.  Glenda & Jenny are awesome."
J. Robertson

"I enjoy coming here because of the positivity of the therapists', the good visits, and tension relief.....this combination works."
S. Hagman

"Vital Balance has helped me in the following ways:
a) relaxation for stiff muscles (tension)
b) bad knees & hip
c) all around well being"

"I totally feel like a new person after a massage.  The pressure points work well for me"
-L. Michaud

"Since coming to VBB I find my body does not ache, and always helpful advice to prolong treatments."
-S. Moore

"The therapists at Vital Balance have become such a positive influence in my life. The atmosphere is soothing and relaxing. When I leave my shiatsu therapy session I feel totally balanced in every way."

Thanks Jen and Glenda.
Sandra B.